Product advertised on Facebook turns out to be rather shit

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A product ordered via a Facebook advertisement has provided nothing but disappointment.

Simon Williams, 31, ordered a clock made out of a vinyl record that had been cut into the shape of Gotham City; the place where Batman lives.

“It’s not quite the centrepiece I had hoped for” admitted Williams.

“It seems to have melted a little bit while being left near a hot lamp, so the bat signal looks all wonky.

“Plus the hands of the clock appear to be drawn on, so I’m not even sure this can be referred to as a ‘clock’ at all. At best, it’s a child’s art project that’s gone a bit wrong.

“Ideally I’d return it, but it has come from a place called ‘Fanzkia’, which I’m fairly sure isn’t a real country.”

A spokesperson from Clocks4U was unavailable for comment, mainly because the entire company is run by an evil but silent robot hellbent on ruining the retail experience for all of mankind.