Wednesday 14 September 2016

Criticism over your disastrous military conflict will blow over in a few years, Blair tells Cameron

Tony Blair

Taking the country into a military conflict based on poor intelligence and without a coherent plan is unlikely to affect your long-term political legacy, Tony Blair has reassured David Cameron today.

Cameron has this morning come in for renewed criticism for his role in Britain’s intervention in Libya, with the Foreign Affairs Committee insisting he had both ‘acted without a coherent strategy’ and also ‘has a massive pie face’.

However, former prime minister Tony Blair has offered reassurance, telling Cameron that people tend to forget pretty quickly the botched military endeavours that happened on your watch.

Blair told reporters, “These days people have Bake Off, Big Brother and Brexit to worry about – no-one really cares whether you took the nation to the brink of war in the middle-east without thinking it through properly.

“If anyone should know about that, it’s me.  Honestly, no-one really mentions Iraq to me anymore, and the number of people shouting ‘war criminal’ at me in the street is down to three or four a week.

“So my advice is to sit tight and let it all blow over. It’ll all be forgotten in another ten to fifteen years.

“In the meantime, I can put him in touch with my booking agent for after-dinner speeches?”

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