The Wurzels cancel order for brand new combine harvester amidst Brexit uncertainty

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English Scrumpy and Western band, The Wurzels, have announced that they have cancelled their proposed purchase of a brand new combine harvester as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

“We bought our current combine harvester in 1976,” says Wurzel Pete Budd.

“You may remember we sang a song about it.

“Well, we thought it was time to buy a new one and announce the purchase with our comeback single Another New Combine Harvester.

“But the uncertainty over agricultural subsidies, the potential loss of migrant workers and the EU’s hard-line approach to trade negotiations means that this just isn’t the time to spend £380,000 on a New Holland CR9090 that we don’t really need, what with us being musicians and not real farmers.”

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As a result of cancelling the order the group have had to adapt the lyrics of their new song.

“We’ve had to change the chorus from ‘I’ve got another brand new combine harvester’ to ‘I’m considering buying a brand new combine harvester subject to the triggering of Article 50 and subsequently negotiated trade agreements’. Catchy eh?”

Music critic Simon Williams believes that this episode shows that the decision to leave the EU could have serious ramifications for the music industry.

‘The Wurzels’ predicament perfectly illustrates how the impact of Brexit will be felt across many diverse industries, including music,” explained Williams.

“Although if I’m being honest I’d always thought The Wurzels were just fictional comedy characters. You know, like Worzel Gummidge or Nigel Farage.”

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