Chris Evans to host Great British Bake Off

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Following the announcement that the Great British Bake Off will switch from the BBC, Channel 4 have revealed that Chris Evans will take over presenting duties.

Evans insists the format of the show will remain unchanged and, alongside co-host Shaun Ryder, he will respect what makes the show special to fans.

“The show is about cakes, not about me and Shaun,” he shouted.

“There will be a few fun segments, such as Throw a Cake in a Lake and Oops Upside Your Bread, but we won’t change much.”

The news has received a mixed response from fans of the show, ranging from furious indignation to incandescent anger.

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“Fuck that,” said Bake Off fan Simon Williams.

No details have been released about who the show’s judges will be, but former Baywatch star Erika Eleniak, who jumped out of a cake in the action film Under Siege, has been touted as a replacement for Mary Berry.

“The nineties was a golden era in my TV career, and I really think people want to recapture the magic of me pretending I didn’t expect Shaun Ryder to swear,” Evans shrieked.

“Having said that, I’m a huge fan of the show and, apart from the live audience and a segment called Achy Breaky Tart, we won’t change much.”