Monday 12 September 2016

I’m the healthy Presidential candidate, insists man who avoided Vietnam due to ‘health concerns’

Donald Trump healthy candidate

After Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, Donald Trump has reminded the nation he’s as fit as it’s possible to be, unless you want to send him to fight for his country in a war.

Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial event after an hour and a half, and her doctor later announced she was suffering from Pneumonia and will be California rally as a result.

The Trump camp has in return claimed that Donald Trump is as healthy as an Ox, an animal which also did not serve in Vietnam.

Trump told reporters, “You can test me for anything, I’m in peak physical condition, and always have been – apart from the times when being in peak physical condition was a threat to my own personal health and safety.”

“I’ve had a few health issues over the years, nothing too serious though, just enough to get me a medical exemption from serving in Vietnam, that sort of thing. Apart from that, I’m a physical specimen the likes of which none of you has ever encountered.

“Sure, as a 22-year-old, doctors checked me out and said I wasn’t healthy enough to serve my country in Vietnam, but as a 70-year-old there’s never been anyone fitter to run for the White House.

“I’m in terrific shape. Just terrific.”

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