Corbyn supporters just a tinfoil hat away from going ‘full Ukip’

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With Jeremy Corbyn supporters dismissing any criticism of the Labour leader as a smear campaign carried out by establishment elites, fears are growing they could be on the verge of going ‘full Ukip’.

Anyone making claims of weak leadership and lacklustre performances at Prime Minister’s Questions has been met with accusations of being ‘Red Tory traitors who should be taken out the back and shot’.

“The establishment elites in their Westminster smear bubbles are running scared,” said Corbyn fanatic Simon Williams.

“I’ve already taken the steps of making my opinions more valid by typing them in capital letters, and I will look to drive home my views even further by adding several exclamation marks.”

Mr Williams also claimed that the media are spreading lies about Mr Corbyn in an attempt to discredit him.

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“The biased BBC are emitting Blairite mind rays through TV screens in an attempt to brainwash the public.

“The privileged class feel threatened and will stop at nothing to destroy us.

“Only Nigel….I mean only Jeremy can save us!”

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