Brexiters who say ‘you lost, get over it’ still waiting to discover what they’ve won

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With the £350m NHS promise abandoned and a points-based immigration system dismissed, Brexiteers who say ‘you lost, get over it’ are still waiting to find out what they’ve won.

The mystery Brexit prize is causing much excitement among patriotic Brits who are delighted they’ve successfully taken back control.

“I can’t wait to find out what it is,” enthused Simon Williams of campaign group A Nation United in Sovereignty (ANUS).

“I hoping it’s a car or a nice holiday.

“Not a boat though, because I haven’t got anywhere to keep it and I can’t swim.”

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Mr Williams also claimed the Remain camp only had themselves to blame for the result, and accused them of talking down Britain during the campaign.

“They should have waited until afterwards, like Liam Fox did,” he said.

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