Real man proves how tough he is by whining about feminism

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Real man Simon Williams has proved himself to be both tough and cool by posting a lengthy rant about feminism on the Internet.

Williams, whose unshakable self-confidence means he genuinely doesn’t care what other people think, spent several hours first posting his diatribe and then logging in again and again to respond to each comment individually.

His initial comments suggested that he would never ‘date’ a feminist in the apparently sincere belief he’d actually have a choice in the matter.

He then went on to demonstrate his impressively manly sang froid by continuing that Feminism is cancer in ALL CAPS and with multiple exclamation marks.

Observers to the thread were impressed by Simon’s wit, charm and stoicism, which are often held up as the true marks of a man.

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“His skill with words was second-to-none,” we were told by a woman who may have been a feminist.

“When he created a portmanteau of ‘feminist’ and ‘nazi’ to describe me just like that off the top of his head, it was so brilliant and original.

“God, I was dripping.

“I used to think I was a feminist, but after talking to Simon I realised that was probably just my time of the month talking.”

Fellow real men leapt to support Simon, generously taking time away from the horde of fawning women who follow them round to roundly chastise any dissenting opinion.

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