Kim Jong-un’s sarcasm ban is just fantastic, claim North Koreans

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This week it has emerged that Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s erratic leader, has imposed a ban on sarcasm throughout the country, and the entire population is absolutely thrilled.

The ban comes amid growing dissent in the isolated totalitarian state, where some members of the public have been observed jeopardising the stability of the region, and peace on earth, by remarking, “this is all America’s fault”, with less than total sincerity.

An anonymous source said, “Everybody in North Korea is really, really cool about this sarcasm ban, because there’s literally no possibility of any misunderstandings or anything like that. No sir.

“Plus it’s never going to come up anyway, because the vibe here is so damn chill that nobody even wants to be sarcastic. We’re all too busy loving life,” the source added, winking frantically.

“This new policy is clearly the work of a genius. Like, an academic genius who is right about everything. Not the other kind.

While no convictions for sarcasm have so far been recorded, the penalty is likely to be severe.

Kim Jong-un has been known to publicly execute transgressors with an anti-aircraft gun. Which is completely proportionate and not weird at all, insists everybody in North Korea.