Grammar schools to boost life chances of children whose parents can afford private tutors

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Education Secretary Justine Greening has indicated that the grammar school ban could be lifted in a move designed to improve the life chances of children whose parents can afford private tutors.

Responding to an urgent question from her Labour counterpart, Greening insisted that the exclusivity of grammar schools would be a key part of their inclusiveness.

She told MPs, “Grammar schools will provide parents with a choice of how much money they spend on ensuring their children gain an upper hand in life.”

“This government is committed to widening the options for parents, especially the ones who can afford to choose.”

The move has been welcomed by middle-class families across the nation, especially those caught in the hell between the working-class comprehensive system and the unaffordable private education market.

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Middle-class parent Simon Williams told us, “Private tuition for selective testing is so much cheaper than private school fees.

“Three-grand a term is a bit beyond us, but we can definitely set aside a grand or so for a private tutor who can make sure our kids pass the 11-plus with flying colours.

“Finally, our children be able to take their rightful place amongst the other middle-class kids – this government really is the best, isn’t it.”

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