Brexiter regrets voting ‘Leave’ upon learning he’ll have to pay more for new iPhone

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With iPhone prices rising due to the weak pound following the vote to leave the EU, Brexiters across the country are finally starting to have doubts about voting to leave.

With the pound still struggling against the dollar following the Brexit vote, Apple has announced price rises across its range of flagship phones, causing many consumers to experience their first genuine Brexit ‘impact’.

Brexiter Simon Williams told us, “Yeah, I read all that stuff about share prices, currency rates and growth forecasts, but they’re are all fictional things, right?

“But the price of the new iPhone is real. Like, really real. I can’t believe the one I want is now fifty quid more just because we’re leaving the EU? That is outrageous.

“Why did no-one put that on the side of a bus? Immigrants are bad, but expensive phones are much, much worse.”

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A leading remain campaigner admitted, “Yes, we missed a trick. We failed to realise that most people are vain, self-centered morons who only care about things that directly affect them.

“We should have bought loads of advertising that said ‘your gaudy tat and trinkets will cost more outside the EU’.

“I bet we would have won.”

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