New Apple Airpods set to become most frequently lost item of all time

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The new Apple Airpod wireless headphones will replace car keys as the planet’s most frequently lost items, according to reports today.

As Apple revealed the new iPhone 7 and it’s wireless Airpods, the tiny earpieces will help Apple corner the market in things consumers have to buy repeatedly because they keep losing them.

Apple explained during the launch event, “The Apple Airpod is tiny. Like, really tiny. The sort of tiny you’ll keep thinking is in your pocket when it’s actually on the floor somewhere you left twenty minutes ago.

“Taking out your headphones will never be more stressful than we have now made it, and Airpod users will soon be recognised in offices around the world by their call of ‘has anyone seen my other Airpod?’.”

Apple user Simon Williams said, “The new iPhone 7 looks good, but I’m not sure about those wireless Airpods.

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“Speaking as someone who constantly has to push in-ear headphones back into place, I really don’t fancy spending £159 every time one works loose in a busy place.

“On the plus side, I guess it will be quite easy to recognise an iPhone 7 owners using them – they’ll be the one on their hands and knees on the bus asking people to move their feet.”