Sex worker admits shame over incident with ‘politician’

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Sex worker Simon Williams has admitted he was ‘mortified’ when he discovered the man he’d been hired by online was actually ‘politician’ Keith Vaz.

News broke yesterday that Williams had been hired with a friend by the MP, though he claims not to have known he was a politician until confronted by reporters.

He told us, “It’s embarrassing, of course – no-one wants to be publicly shamed like this because they got involved with the wrong sort of customer. We in the sex trade have standards you know.

“When I gave him my invoice, he kept saying he’d try to put it on his parliamentary expenses – though at the time I thought he was joking, what with them all being arseholes and that.

“But before we left he finally admitted he really was a politician, which was a complete shock to me – I’m sure we would have left earlier if he’d told us that at the outset.

“At least he wasn’t one of those sick ones that are into really sadistic things like inflicting pain and suffering on others – a ‘Tory’ I think he called it.

“This whole incident has made me reevaluate my life, knowing that I’ve put myself in a position where I can be hired – just like that – by these sort of people, without realising it. I’m so ashamed.”

His pimp ‘Jerry’ said Mr Williams “is a single man entitled to a private life who should be allowed to enter a commercial arrangement with whoever he likes” and that he still had the full confidence of everyone else in the brothel.

Jerry concluded, “They both got paid to fuck people, but unlike Mr Vaz, at least the people Simon fucked definitely asked it.”