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Oxford English Dictionary confirms Brexit will be defined as ‘Brexit’

Brexit dictionary

The OED has confirmed that ‘Brexit’ is the only word in the English language whose definition is itself.

The word Brexit was coined to refer to the UK’s departure from the European Union, but as yet nobody appears capable of giving a more accurate definition.

Proposed definitions of Brexit have included far fewer immigrants and less trade, more trade and nobody being fussed about immigrants, remaining in the single market, leaving the single market, several definitions in both Norwegian and Swiss, and far, far more.

Political commenters have said that the problem with Brexit is that absolutely everyone knows what it means, but no two people can agree – and in many cases their definitions are entirely contradictory, and often get very cross indeed when their definition is questioned.

The OED, widely regarded as the final judge of the English language, was asked for a clear definition and simply responded with the one word ‘Brexit’.

When pressed for more details, we were told “Fuck right off, that’s a hole with no bottom and we’re going nowhere near it.

“Think of it as a verbal mobius strip,” the OED said to us.

“Whichever direction you go you always return to the same point and nothing is resolved.

“Or a Zen Koan, perhaps, where the meaning of the word is emptiness and the subordination of the self to oneness with the universe.

“Actually, that’s pretty good. We might use that one in the next edition.”

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