“Look! A squirrel!”, says Keith Vaz

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MP Keith Vaz has invited people to look at the funny squirrel over there this morning.

Waving aside other, less pressing, matters the MP for Leicester East drew people’s attention to the entertaining way the squirrel was hopping along a branch, possibly with a nut clutched in its delightful tiny paws.

The squirrel, which you will miss if you don’t look over there right now, will undoubtedly perform a few charming antics before possibly being scared away by a boisterous King Charles Spaniel puppy.

No, really. Look everyone. Look at the squirrel.

“Looking at the squirrel is clearly in the public interest”, he told reporters gathered outside Westminster.

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“Unlike many other things that might have briefly flitted across the media this morning.

“Aw, look at it. The dear little thing. It must be making a collection of food before it goes into hibernation for the next six months. And may I suggest that the members of the press do something entirely similar.”

If the press refuses to be distracted by the squirrel, Mr Vaz confirmed that he has got a delightful kitten whose playful frolics are most diverting, if you’d like to see it.

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