Monday 5 September 2016

Japan’s G20 delegation confirm Japanese word for ‘Brexit’ is ‘Harakiri’

G20 Summit Japanese delegation

Japanese officials at the G20 Summit have announced that in Japan the word they use for ‘Brexit’ is ‘Harakiri’.

The translation comes shortly after the publication of a 15-page Japanese memo outlining the many, many ways in which the UK has fucked itself by agreeing to leave the EU.

A spokesperson for the Japanese delegation explained that ‘harakiri’ does not have a literal English definition, but it is the closest thing they have to ‘Brexit’.

He told reporters, “Harakiri is a process of self-harm so significant, that it could be the very end of your existence.

“It is something people choose to do to themselves, often against expert advice, and normally for spurious reasons that in the cold light of day appear utterly ridiculous.

“Harikari is also just about the most painful way possible to fix a problem that you think is an issue, but that, in reality, isn’t in any way as bad as perhaps you believe it to be.

“Generally speaking, the sort of people who are advocates for harikari, are – how do you say – ‘twats’?”

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