Fantastically interesting Facebook friend finally admits his life is a lie

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Your most interesting Facebook friend is actually full of shit, according to reports this afternoon.

Simon Williams, 29, has posted photos of him on a walking holiday in the hills of Japan, talked about the fundraising he has done for Age UK by hopping everywhere for a month and put up various snaps of him eating in fabulous restaurants with his improbably gorgeous girlfriend.

“It’s all photoshopped,” sobbed a broken Williams.

“I was never in Japan. I spent that whole week sat on my sofa watching Netflix in my underpants and eating crumpets straight out of the packet.

“I never hopped anywhere for Age UK, I just sent them a tenner via PayPal and then took some carefully posed pics of me on one foot.

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“And the ‘girlfriend’ in those photos is just a photoshopped image of my favourite pornstar.

“The fact I even have a favourite pornstar is a telling reveal of how sad and pathetic my real life actually is.

“Most days I just sit around and think about death.”

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