Woman ‘overjoyed’ that friends clicked a Facebook ‘Happy birthday’ button

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A woman has told of her joy that on her birthday a number of her friends clicked Facebook’s ‘Wish your friend a happy birthday’ button.

“It’s wonderful, it’s glorious, I feel bathed in the love and good wishes of all my thoughtful friends,” confirmed Eleanor Gay.

“I mean, Facebook flashed up a message that it was my birthday and invited all my friends to click a button in order to send me greetings, and several of them did so.

“I’ve never been so touched.

“I mean, they could have taken the time to send me a card or pop out for a drink or something but instead the clicked a button on a web page.

“I’m so happy.”

Ms Gay is understandably already excited about Christmas.

“I can’t even think about it. The thought that once again, several of my friends will take time out of their busy schedules to click a button on a website after being prompted to send greetings says more about the true spirit of Christmas than a thousand cards or parties could ever say.”

It is understood that Ms Gay spent her birthday slumped on the sofa watching Homes under the Hammer and drinking strong cider whilst silently weeping.