Melania Trump sues Daily Mail over suggestions she’d sleep with a man for his money

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Melania Trump has launched a $150m lawsuit against the Daily Mail over suggestions she’s had sex with men just because they’ve got pots of cash.

The paper alleged that Mrs Trump had, in her youth, put aside her dignity and slept with men no matter how repulsive they were just because they could shower her with money.

There is no suggestion that she continues to do so, as that would be outrageous.

In an affidavit rebutting the claims, Melania declared money played no part in her relations with men, and she forms attractions based upon a combination of winning personality and physical prowess.

“I will battle these scurrilous claims with every penny of my husband’s vast fortune,” she told us, through her lawyers.

“The act of lovemaking is a sacred bond between husband and wife, and to even imply that something as base as money influenced my choice of mate is severely damaging to my private and professional reputation.

“And if you run this story I’ll sue you, too.”

The Daily Mail has printed a retraction of the story as, let’s face it, nobody could ever believe a thing like that.