Donald Trump pledges to deport more people than Stalin

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Donald Trump has described Josef Stalin as a ‘crybaby loser’ after unveiling plans to deport more people than the communist dictator.

Stalin, who controlled the Societ Union in a reign of terror for over 30 years, only managed to deport a ‘pathetic’ six million people – a number dwarfed by Trump’s ambitious proposals.

Trumps announced plan would result in the forcible deportation of between seven and eleven million people, which he described as ‘America beating the socialists and liberals at their own game’.

Outlining his immigration plans at a rally in Raleigh, Trump was met with enthusiastic applause – possibly because nobody fancied being the first to stop clapping and sit down as they know where that winds up.

“There are people saying – smart people – that communists are best at forced deportation,” he told supporters.

“Well, I’m going to prove that nobody is better than America when it comes to rounding people up and putting them in trucks.

“Stalin? Chairman Mao? Pol Pot? Losers. We’re gonna win, and then you’ll be amazed how great our deportations are.”

Communists internationally are reported to be horrified that Trump plans to beat their record, and would be inconsolable if Stalin’s achievements for the people were finally surpassed.