Bob the Builder creating unrealistic expectations of the construction industry, parents warned

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Bob the Builder is giving children unrealistic expectations of a construction industry which can fix it and gets jobs done on time and on budget, parents have been warned.

Bob, whose cheery refrain of “Yes we can!” is a winner amongst the nation’s children, is accused of giving the next generation a picture of builders which will not adequately prepare them for adult life.

Criticisms levelled at the programme include  Bob being clean shaven, wearing spotless overalls, and his arse crack not being on semi-permanent display.

Moreover, Bob has never shouted to Mrs Broadbent that she should ‘cheer up because it might never happen’.

“It would give children a far more honest impression of the building trade if Bob were to say ‘No mate, it’s fucked’ before going and having a cup of tea”, we were told by Construction Industry spokesman Si Williams.

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“There’s so many errors in this programme I barely know where to start. He’s never offered anyone a discount for cash, he’s not got halfway through a job and then fucked off to Marbella for three weeks without warning, and is at least forty or fifty pounds too slim.

“Furthermore, Bob clearly knows how to use punctuation marks and grammar in his written documents, which is frankly laughable.”

Programme makers have promised to address issues with the show by making an episode where Farmer Pickles stays in all day waiting for Bob to come round to repoint his gable end, but Bob never turns up because he’s in the pub watching the racing.