How to talk to a girl wearing headphones: A NewsThump guide to sexually harassing women who enjoy music

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Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a pretty girl wearing headphones listening to music and thought ‘Hey, she’s wearing headphones and listening to music, she must definitely be into me,’ but have never been sure how to start up a conversation.

Well, with these few simple tips, we’ll show you how to make her notice you whether she wants to or not.

1. Shout

Put your face around a foot away from hers and scream ‘Hello’ over and over again at the top of your voice. There’s no girl alive who can resist a guy repeatedly shouting into their face.

2. Mime

What girl doesn’t love a mime? So, if she doesn’t respond to your shouting just stand in front of her and mime a cheery Hello, or a hilarious I’m-trapped-in-a-box routine, or even a cheeky highly explicit sex act. She won’t be able to resist turning off that Mamma Mia soundtrack CD to say hello.

3. Leave a note

Some people might find interruption rude, so if she still hasn’t taken off those headphones, you may want to discreetly leave a note. In which case wait for her to leave and follow her home, hang around outside until she goes out somewhere and break in. Once inside, simply leave a note on her bed saying that you’ve been watching her.

With these simple tips, headphones should present no obstacle, and those girls will have to find another way to stop you from approaching; like a dangerous dog or pepper spray.