Babymetal defend decision to let Red Hot Chili Peppers join them on tour

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Babymetal have called on fans to give a bunch of middle-aged white guys a chance to show they can rock.

Fans had criticised the band for agreeing to take The Red Hot Chili Peppers on their upcoming tour, saying that they were just a soulless product manufactured by a record company to make money.

Some fans have threatened to boycott the tour unless Babymetal choose a credible support act who are ‘real’.

In a statement, Babymetal acknowledged that rock is the music of youth and rebellion, but said some ageing blokes with beachfront condos and millions on the bank can ‘rock as hard as anyone’.

“I love rock music in all its forms but Babymetal are just pandering to politically-correct Social Justice Warriors by including this artificial ‘Chili Peppers’ group who might have been designed by committee to pander to the dad audience,” Babymetal fan SimonWilliams told us.

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“You’ve got the singer with a history of drug and mental health problems, tick. The quirky bassist with a silly name, tick. The boring drummer, tick. The revolving door guitarist, tick.

“I’m not ageist, but this is band design by marketing checklist and I think that destroys the purity of what music should be.”

Simon went on to describe the Chili Pepper’s ‘crazy antics’, such as overdoses and performing naked except for strategically placed socks, as just what ‘the suits’ told them to do for publicity.

Babymetal have poured scorn on the critics, saying that it’s important to support minorities like fiftysomething millionaires in stadium rock.

“It’s our time now, and we get to decide what rock is,” said singer Su-Metal.

“Suck it up.”