Apple announces that new iPhone 7 will cost £5k in Europe

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Apple has announced a new innovative pricing strategy in Europe, which will see Europeans paying far more than they were expecting to for the latest iPhone models.

With the new iPhone just days away, excited customers have been left stunned by the new pricing policy which will see the new iPhone 7 costing upwards of £5,000.

Apple customer Simon Williams told us, “£5k is a lot of money. Almost too much for a phone. Almost.

“But I’m committed now. What with my Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV and Time Capsule, I’m kinda stuck having to get the new iPhone.

“If only I understood why they’ve hiked their prices in Europe in the way that they have, it seems to come out of absolutely nowhere.”

Apple has responded to critics of the price rise, explaining that in the world of business sometimes things change, and quickly.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told reporters, “Yes, I know you were expecting something about £500, but sometimes circumstances change without any warning whatsoever – don’t they Europe?”

“You know, you can be going about your business when suddenly someone decides you have to give them a shed load more money than you’d been planning to.

“I’m not saying it’s fair, I’m saying it’s the way the world works.

“Well, in Europe anyway.”