Millennials mourn the death of the bloke off that meme

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Everyone under the age of 25 is sad because a guy from a meme died yesterday.

The bloke, now confirmed as being named Gene Wilder, appeared in over seven thousand annotated internet photographs that stayed funny for about four seconds before the joke was over-shared and killed.

“Oh yeah, he was awesome,” confirmed Simon Williams, 19.

“I loved that meme he was in when he mocked people for eating fatty foods even though they didn’t smoke or something, I forget. But those few minutes where the gag was funny were well good.”

Film expert, Jay Cooper, said “This is further proof that the young need to be birched.

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“Seriously… See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles… say these words to any young person, and they’ll look at you and say ‘y’wot? I should imagine.

“To them, he’s just a bloke from a photo that they attempt to do funny on.

“They need to realise that Gene Wilder is God.”

Simon Williams countered with, “sorry mate, what? Was just making a meme.”