Man who didn’t post Gene Wilder tribute on Facebook ‘clearly a monster’

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A man has been branded a ‘monster’ after failing to immediately post a clip of the actor Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka or the Waco Kid to Facebook so that everyone could see how much he cared about his death.

Hastings resident Simon Williams’ only Facebook posts on Monday evening were a picture of his fish finger and chips tea (‘Nom’) and another asking for Candy Crush lives.

“He didn’t post a Gene Wilder video? Not one? The man’s a monster,” said friend and colleague Eleanor Gay.

“I’ve posted 94 so far, practically the whole of  Silver Streak and some of the songs from Willy Wonka because that’s how much I care – bloody loads.”

“Seriously?” Said Mr Williams’ wife on hearing of his oversight.

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“Oh God, what’s everyone going to think. People will know I’m married to a man who didn’t post any tribute Gene Wilder videos.”

Mr Williams four-year-old was even more forthright in her opinion stating simply ‘wanker.’

Commenting on his oversight Mr Williams said “Gene who? I’m sorry, I don’t really watch a lot of films.”

Police are said to be investigating whether or not Mr Williams has broken any laws by not posting a Gene Wilder video.

Mr Wilder’s family have yet to comment, but they almost certainly think Williams is a complete shit.