Greek financial crisis successfully forgotten about

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The EU has confirmed that a strict program of ignoring the Greek financial crisis has successfully led to everyone forgetting about it.

“It’s been a long, hard road,” said EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker.

“But I’m proud to announce that everyone in the EU has completely forgotten that Greece is still being utterly devastated by its economic crisis.

“It still faces a persistent unemployment rate of 24%, debts at 180% of GDP, and a huge drop in average income, yet happily no one really thinks about it anymore – which I think is a testament to the hard work of everyone involved in ignoring it until we all forgot about it.”

It is the shortest length of time in living memory that such a sizable crisis has been so comprehensively forgotten about, with only the mass cat shavings of Northern Spain in 1998 coming close.

Mr Juncker went on to describe how they had been hoping that the immigrant crisis would have been forgotten about by now too.

“Yes, it’s a shame, it did look for a while like everyone in the EU had ignored the immigrants long enough that they too had been forgotten, but then the Olympics came along with that swimmer and everyone remembered it again.

“Still, give it a year or so.”