Tuesday 30 August 2016

EU finally puts an end to Apple doing deals with customers for ‘cash’

Apple Tax deal with EU

The EU has finally put a stop to Apple’s practise of offering its customers discounts for paying in cash so they can avoid paying tax.

The world’s most valuable company has become synonymous with offering dodgy cash deals to customers in an attempt to circumvent the tax regimes of the countries in which it operates.

However, the EU has finally pounced, and will prevent the tech firm from offering discounts to cash buyers in order to ‘keep revenue off the books’.

Apple consumer Simon Williams told us, “I’ve never paid full price for an Apple product in my entire life. I’m surprised anyone has.

“Those guys in the blue t-shirts are always looking to do a deal for cash, I thought it was pretty dodgy if you ask me – but then I got 20% off my Macbook Pro, so I was quids in.

“I would tell one of them that I want to buy this tablet, and then they’d take me to a quiet corner and tell me it was £599, but they could do it for £500 cash in hand – I mean, who wouldn’t take that deal? Bargain.”

Irish taxpayer Seamus Matthews told us, “Apple used to sell billions of Euros worth of products for cash, all off the books, and with no receipts. I’m delighted the EU has finally caught up with them.

“Let this be a lesson to other hi-tech companies. Doing cash deals via brown envelopes might seem like a good way to avoid a bit of tax, but those deals can’t be hidden forever.”

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