David Cameron’s ‘special advisers’ doorstepped by BBC Rogue Traders

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David Cameron’s team of special advisers have been investigated by the BBC Rogue Traders programme after it was revealed that they received pay increases of up to 24%, despite clearly giving shoddy advice.

While many of the advisers have since left their posts, they received extremely generous severance packages in line with their bloated pay, it has emerged.

The producers of the show point to the fact that he was forced to resign as Prime Minister as damning evidence of their poor quality services.

“Calling them ‘special advisers’ is a clear breach of advertising standards, unless they mean that their advice is especially shit,” the show’s presenter Matt Allwright said.

“The man they were advising lost his job and left the country up the metaphorical creek, so it’s only right that we turned up on their doorsteps demanding answers.

“I say doorsteps, but it’s mostly large gates leading to sprawling private estates, from which we were escorted by rather large security personnel.”

In dramatic scenes from the episode to be aired in the coming weeks, Allwright can be seen hunched over, angrily shouting about taxpayers’ value for money into various entry system microphones.

The increases of up to £18,000 were ordered at a time where public sector pay rises were capped at 1% by Cameron’s government – a revelation that has caused outrage across the Civil Service.

When asked for a comment the Member of Parliament for Witney simply said: “I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t keep the receipts.”