Brexiters furious as corrupt EU forces Apple to pay proper amount of tax

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Brexit supporters have reacted with fury after the ‘corrupt and unaccountable’ EU told Apple it must pay the correct amount of tax.

Apple has been told it must pay $13bn in back taxes after the EU had said its deal with the Irish tax authority was illegal – a move described as ‘patently ridiculous’ by Brexiters.

Brexit voter Simon Williams told us, “The EU is corrupt to the core, obviously. It does nothing whatsoever of value, ever.

“I mean, what sort of organisation goes around picking on helpless multi-billion dollar multinationals who are simply trying to do what they can to keep money out of the pockets of European taxpayers?

“This is just so typical of the EU. When they’re not sitting back on their fat salaries arguing about how straight our bananas should be, they’re uncovering massive tax avoidance schemes that are costing ordinary Europeans billions and billions of Euros.

“It’s outrageous frankly, and I can’t wait for the UK to be free of their punitive grasp.”

A spokesperson for the Leave campaign said that the position of the EU shows that the UK is right to leave.

Dominic Cummings explained, “When our government makes a sweetheart deal with a global multinational so it can pay far less tax than it should, we don’t want some faceless EU bureaucrat telling us we can’t do it because it’s bad for the taxpayer.

“We want Britain’s dodgy deals to be great again – and outside the EU we will be free to do behind closed doors deals with absolutely anyone we like.

“What’s not to like about that?”