French insist Judge Dredd removes his helmet

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The French government has insisted that future lawman Joe Dredd must uncover his face in their country.

Dredd, whose beliefs demand that he keeps his head covered and does not show his face to strangers – or ‘perps’ as he calls them – has been told by the French government that his chosen mode of dress in unacceptable and he must uncover in public.

Critics of the move have suggested that telling Dredd to do anything at all has never worked out particularly well for anyone and that the citizens of Euro-Cit had better not be getting any funny ideas.

Pictures of armed police telling people how to dress have been met with bemusement in the Mega City One Hall of Justice, with a spokesman for the Council of Five suggesting that it’s hardly going to prevent an incursion by the Dark Judges.

An unnamed source suggested that Mega City One is concerned Judge Fear has taken control of French public policymaking.

The French have defended their position by pointing out that Judge Dredd removed his helmet in the 1995 film, but if someone is making decisions based on that, then there’s really no helping them.

Francois Hollande went on to add that he thinks Judge Anderson is wearing far too much as well and needs to lose some of those clothes to be acceptable to red-blooded French manhood.

When asked, Judge Dredd said “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite? Justice.”