Richard Branson suffers nasty ‘accident’ after getting on wrong side of Jeremy Corbyn

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Richard Branson has ‘fallen off his bike’ shortly after getting on the wrong side of Jeremy Corbyn, we can report.

Branson, who rashly disagreed with the Labour leader earlier the week, said he felt lucky to be alive after a nasty run-in with Momentum and declined to say if he meant the speed of his bike or the Corbyn supporters movement.

Supporters of Corbyn had suggested they’d go round and ‘give him a good nationalising’ after the disagreement, and observers suggest that Branson suffered a transport related incident as a message to keep his nose clean.

The entrepreneur suffered contusions and damaged connective tissue, which he blamed on an encounter with a concrete road and nervously denied that anyone else had ever been involved.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Corbyn said the Labour leader had a ‘rock solid’ alibi for the time when the accident occurred.

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“We’re all obviously very sorry to hear of any unfortunate mishaps which might have befallen Mr Branson,” a spokesman for the Momentum group told us.

“We can only hope that this sort of thing doesn’t keep happening to him, if you catch our drift.

“Very fragile things, bicycles. And trains, you know what I mean?”