Origin of ‘libtard’ traced to ancient Babylonian word for ‘my superior’

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Etymologists have traced the origins of the word ‘libtard’ back to the ancient Babylonian word ‘LIBYUTARDA’ meaning ‘my superior’

“It’s absolutely fascinating,” said Simon Williams, a professor of really, really old worlds at Oxford University.

“The word ‘libtard’ is used in modern parlance as an insult, but it’s true usage was intended to show great deference and respect.”

Professor Williams went on to describe the sort of person who would use the phrase ‘libtard’.

“Oh, it was only ever used by the intellectually challenged subclass, people who had no real concept of debate, philosophy and ideas, and it would be used exclusively by that class in a sort of awed wonder to describe those who were morally and intellectually superior.

“There is also considerable evidence that suggests people who used the word ‘libtard’ had absurdly small genitals.”

The change of usage of the word has proved puzzling to the Professor.

“It is peculiar that people seem to see it now as an insult, but you have to remember that it has only ever been used by catastrophically stupid people, people who are regularly outwitted by potted plants, people who couldn’t get employed by villages without idiots, people who see a hole in the ground and feel the need to check their arse is still in the right place.”

Professor went on to explain how people being called ‘libtards’ should feel.

“Superior, definitely. It’s the only natural reaction.”