Witness claims Jeremy Corbyn uses sit down toilet when urinals are available

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In what continues to be a bad week for the embattled labour leader, allegations have emerged that Jeremy Corbyn once sat down in a toilet cubicle despite only having a wee and urinals being available.

Conservative MP Simon Williams-Smythe claims he saw the leader opposition in a House of Commons water closet.

“He came in and made straight for the cubicle, I didn’t think anything of it, but he was in there for a maximum of a minute.

“That’s nowhere near long enough to rid one’s self of the rich, high fibre, tax payer funded food they serve at Westminster.”

The Conservative backbencher, who is MP for Tottingham-Winstanley in Oxfordshire continued: “It was very strange behaviour as most MPs love standing up and taking the piss, he must have something to hide.

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“Which we definitely don’t, why else would we be spending so much time making everyone focus on frivolous nonsense?”

The accusations were not immediately denied by the Corbyn camp. Instead, a spokesperson told us, “As an ardent supporter of female equality; Jeremy regularly takes sit down wees as an act of solidarity.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s rival in the leadership contest, Owen Smith tweeted a photo of himself defecating in a bush in an attempt to show how in touch he is with the average working class Labour member.