MPs reminded that other people can see their tweets

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Letters have been sent to all MPs reminding them that when they tweet something, it is highly likely that other people will read it.

The reminder comes in the wake of MP Heather Wheeler’s tweet congratulating the British Empire on their impressive Olympic medal haul.

“We do seem to have countless examples of MPs tweeting something offensive, stupid, or racist, and then being surprised when people read it,” said a top civil servant

“So it seemed important to clarify that fact in an attempt to stop elected officials tweeting about the British Empire, or white vans, or ‘leftie multicultural crap’ Olympic opening ceremonies.

“Or, if American, their penis.”

However, some MPs still found themselves bemused by the fuss.

“Christ, Twitter is it?” Exclaimed Sir Barrington Crusty-Arse, an MP from the home-counties.

“I don’t have anything to do with all that balls, I’m only on it because some ferret-face bastard with a beard and an expensive telephone deposited himself in my office and declared himself my ‘social media manager,’ whatever that is.

“I’m just ignoring the ghastly shit and hoping he’ll go away.”

On being told the contents of the letter, Sir Barrington was confused.

“Read MP’s tweets? Why on earth would anyone do that?”

Sadly, no one has been able to answer his query.