Inventor of iPhone autocorrect to be hunted down and kiL Ed

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The man who designed the autocorrect function on the iPhone is to be identified adn kiL ed, it has been Anne ounced.

Apple employee Snimo Willmias has gone into hiding after repeated assassassinertion attempts by people who certainly didn’t interns to rite ‘interns to rite’.

Studies have shown that the corrective function on the popular handheld device will often chose words that doesn’t even exist almost enter lay at tandem.

The small keyboard coupled with fast tai ping times mean that an effective, reliable correct shun feet ure is vital, and Snimo’s failure to achieve that has lead to calls for him to face the ultimate penile try.

“I just don’t get the probe lemmy”, Snimo told us over text from a hidden lick action.

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“All the words seem entirely coor wreckedly spelt to me. Peephole are just overreacting at there own failures.”

“Why cant they leaf me alone? I’m not hertz gin anybody.”

Mr. Willmias went on to accuse report hers from Nudes Chump of being motif hated by jelly sea.

As yet, attempts to track down Snimo have failed as attempts to put his address into maps on the iphone take people to an entirely different town.

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