People who voted Mrs Brown’s Boys ‘sitcom of the century’ can also vote in elections, warn experts

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The people who voted Mrs Brown’s Boys as greatest sitcom of the century last year are the same people who choose who runs the country, according to reports this afternoon.

The sitcom, which revolves around an old man dressed as a sweary old woman churning out jokes most suited to end-of-the-pier stand-up routines thirty years ago, has proven a ratings hit with those who can also vote in general elections.

Fan of the show Trevor Matthews told us, “The people have spoken, and much like we dragged you out of the EU, now you must all just sit there and watch Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“Suck it up buttercup, we won and you lost so wipe away those salty tears and get on with enjoying the best comedy on British television.”

Voter Simon Williams told us, “This is utterly ridiculous. It seems clear to me that the ‘people’ simply cannot be trusted to make even the most rudimentary of decisions.

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“Suggesting Mrs Brown’s Boys is the best sitcom of the century would be like suggesting this government is the best government we’ve had in a century.