Britain First furious as immigrants allowed to enter ‘Great British Bake Off’

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A Britain First spokesmoron has denounced the decision to allow an immigrant to enter the Great British Bake Off.

The spokesmoron read the following statement: “An immigrant and some brown ones have been allowed to compete in an event that should be for us Brits only. Let’s face it; it’s in the title of the bloody show.

“Not all the contestants are white which is a disgrace when you consider that baking is a white middle-class pursuit; baking is going the way of fox hunting!”

Britain First supporters have suggested that Jeremy Corbyn is responsible for the downfall of a British institution.

Maureen Wilson, a Britain First supporter and UKIP voter aged 72, had the following thoughts, “It’s those bloody leftists destroying the last of our true traditions whereby an indigenous white Briton wins the Great British Bake Off.

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“I was furious in 2013 when two non-whites made the final but thankfully racial superiority won the day, and Frances ended up winning with her Shakespeare-inspired cake!”

Paul Hollywood has denied that the winner had already been decided, in order to suit the viewing public.

“We have a great bunch of bakers this year, “ he stated.

“And I will try to ignore the death threats if the person who doesn’t conform to your own personal prejudices doesn’t win.”

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