World unites in horror at image of child forced to sweep Iain Duncan Smith’s chimney

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A picture that reveals the true horror of Britain’s child labour market could prove to be a game-changer.

The image shows five-year-old Syrian migrant, Omran, covered in soot after working a twelve-hour shift sweeping the Work and Pensions Secretary’s chimney.

Since experiencing problems with his flue, Duncan Smith has been on the lookout for a grateful orphan used to crawling around confined spaces.

Smith says he had a flood of applicants after placing an advert for a ‘pro-active street urchin who thrives under pressure’ in the Aleppo Evening Gazette.

However, most reasonable people recoiled in horror at the picture, forcing world leaders to set up a No Child Labour zone around Smith’s modest country estate.

IDS, meanwhile, insists the boy was properly equipped with the necessary tools to do the job, including a clean set of overalls and a gas mask.

But Omran claims he was misled over pay and conditions and even had to provide his own canary.

In his defence, IDS said, “This ‘scheme’ offers poor children from the war-torn areas of the globe a very real chance to get their hands dirty.”