Benefit claimant with Xbox more entertaining than landlord charging excessive rent, confirm Channel 5

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After it was revealed that private landlords receive £9.3bn a year in housing benefit, Channel 5 reveal they will continue to make programmes featuring benefit claimants who have the nerve to own things.

Despite landlords charging excessive rents for substandard properties, Channel 5 insist that being unemployed and possessing electrical goods is widely considered to be the equivalent of smearing excrement on a war memorial.

“I bought my laptop with money I earned while I was working,” revealed Simon Williams, who has been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for four months.

“I’m sometimes scared to get it out in public though, because people look at me like I’m urinating in Prince George’s face.”

It’s not just Channel 5 who have vowed to continue their campaign to ensure the unemployed have absolutely nothing.

“Providing the government with shows they can use to justify welfare budget cuts are an important part of our schedule,” revealed a spokesperson for Channel 4.

“Who wants to watch shows called My Big Fat Offshore Tax Haven or Expenses Cheats?

“Certainly not companies who provide advertising revenue or MPs who make decisions about the channel’s future.”