Jared Leto blames ‘evil twin’ for Suicide Squad performance

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Jared Leto has denied appearing in Suicide Squad and claimed the lousy reviews for his portrayal of the Joker are actually the fault of his evil twin.

The actor, whose performance as one of the icons of 20th-century pop culture has been generously described as a dirty great pile of wombat droppings, denied appearing in the film at all and blamed everything on a villainous doppelganger.

Leto said his twin, who tormented co-stars by sending them 30 Seconds to Mars CDs, had appeared in the film without his knowledge or consent and he had been led to believe his performance would be entirely different to the one he actually gave.

Speaking to reporters, Leto said his wicked twin had ‘completely and utterly fucked everything up’ in cahoots with Warner Brothers and none of it was his doing at all.

“It wasn’t me”, he said.

“It was this, uh, Bared, um, Bleto…guy…

“He looks just like me but he acts like a complete tosser and anything I get involved in he does his best to screw it up as badly as he possibly can. Films, music, you name it.

“I mean, if it had been actually me in Suicide Squad it would have been a portrayal of Mr. J for the ages. One which would have blown Heath Ledger off the screen.

“Which it wasn’t, you understand”, he added hurriedly. “Other guy. Not me.”

When told of Leto’s statement, a spokesman for Warner Bros is reported to have put his face in his hands and slowly, slowly shaken his head.