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Groundhog Day reboot to be exactly the same as the original film

Groundhog day remake

Hollywood bosses have announced a reboot of Groundhog Day which will be identical in all respects to the original.

Stung by fan reactions to recent reboots which completely changed an established formula – such as Ghostbusters and Batman – studio executives are looking to capitalise on established brand whilst changing nothing at all, over and over again.

The new film will be released repeatedly over a period of years with different marketing but identical content, although long-term plans indicate that a different version will be made one day decades down the line.

The new film will not only be a shot-for-shot remake of the original hit, but will also use the same actors digitally de-aged so they look like they did the first time in the same sets and the same locations.

“If there’s one thing recent reboots have shown us, it’s that fans want more of the same, and let’s face it, this is the ideal format to give it to them,” Columbia pictures Executive Director Simon Williams told the press.

“The same, every day, forever. Give us your money.

“We’ll be giving this press conference again tomorrow, if anyone would like to come along,” he concluded

Bill Murray has announced that he has no interest in appearing in the reboot, but insiders expect him to change his mind when he wakes up tomorrow morning.

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