Thursday 18 August 2016

Racial inequality still not entrenched enough, claim Britain First

Britain First racial inequality

Britain First have hailed a new report claiming racial inequality is entrenched in Britain as ‘a good start’ but warned supporters not to become complacent.

The far-right group said that the review by the Equality and Human Rights Commission was great news, but insisted that white people still weren’t far enough ahead.

Britain First spokesmoron Trevor Williams told us, “The report says that black graduates earn 23% less than white ones, but why isn’t this 50%? Why are we setting the bar so low in our drive for absolute supremacy?

“It also says that being black in Britain can feel like ‘living in a different world’; but why can’t it see them literally living in a different country?

“Sometimes it feels that – despite the best efforts of everyone here at Britain First – people that we don’t like are still managing to get by, and that is simply unacceptable.”

Britain First have called on all supporters to do more to ensure black and foreign people can’t get ahead in this country, though experts are predicting the group’s leaders will collectively shit the bed when they find out there is such a thing a ‘black millionaires’.

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