I make the best decisions, claims man appointing third campaign team in two months

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Donald Trump insists his decision-making ability is ‘terrific, absolutely terrific’ despite having to appoint his third campaign team in a matter of weeks.

Pollster Kellyanne Conway becomes campaign manager and Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News the CEO, replacing the people Trump appointed to replace the first lot a couple of weeks ago.

Trump told supporters, “When it comes to big decisions, Donald Trump is the one you want making them, absolutely.

“Because if I get a big decision wrong, I can always take it in a different direction a couple of weeks later – that’s just how the world works, folks.

“Don’t let the media elite tell you that decisions have consequences; they don’t! That’s just the establishment pulling the wool over your eyes.

“Look at me, I’ve changed my mind three times on the single biggest decision available to me right now, and I’m doing terrific, just terrific.

“Honestly, folks, making your mind up, then taking action, before changing your mind and taking a different action, before changing your mind yet again and taking a third course of action is the mark of a great president who’ll do terrific things, just terrific.”

Voters have given a mixed reaction to Trump appointing yet another campaign team.

Kyle Matthews told us, “I wouldn’t trust Donald Trump to decide what I should have for my dinner, let alone whether or not to invade a country.”

However, Republican Chuck Williams told us, “I am not a clever man, but it seems to me that if you’re the President, you should be allowed to change your mind all the time – I mean, it’s not like you’ll ever be making decisions on things are important.”