Tuesday 16 August 2016

Horrible bastard guilty of inviting support for horrible bastards

Anjem Choudary found guilty

Horrible bastard, Anjem Choudary, has been convicted of inviting others to support the horrible bastards of so-called Islamic State.

The horrible bastard encouraged support for the other horrible bastards in a series of talks posted on social networking site YouTube, the Old Bailey heard.

He now faces up to 10 years in jail, during which time he will no doubt makes lots and lots of lovely friends with all the other horrible bastards.

The guilty verdict has been welcomed by people who don’t like terrorism, as well as those people who just don’t like Muslims.

“It’s about time,” explained one.

“It did seem like he’d used every loophole going to avoid prosecution, so I’m delighted to see they finally found a way to successfully prosecute him, and show that the legal system in this country won’t stand for supporters of terrorism.”

However, others were slightly less subtle in their assessment of the news.

“This is what I’ve been saying for ages; all Muslims are horrible bastards,” explained one borderline simpleton.

“I’ve been saying it for years, and how we have the proof.

“Time to send ’em all back!”

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