Barack Obama accuses Donald trump of founding The Village People

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Barack Obama has hit back at accusations he founded ISIS by suggesting that Donald Trump was the biker out of the Village People.

Drawing attention to a ‘consistent theme’ of unlikely hair choices, the President challenged Trump to prove he didn’t pull the group together in a series of shadowy, clandestine meetings in New York in the late 1970s.

Obama pointed out that Trump had a long association with New York, and often boasted of spending much of his life hanging out with construction workers, which counts as strong circumstantial evidence these days.

“I’m not saying that Donald was a leatherboy biker in the 1970s, I’m just asking the question,” said Obama.

“And I have to ask him if he maintains his youthful enthusiasm for the Young Men’s Christian Association.

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“I’m sure, if there’s nothing to these stories, he’ll be able to produce documentary evidence to disprove them.”

When presented with the allegations, a spokesman for Trump insisted it was obvious there was no way Trump could have been involved with the Village People, as the group contained both a black guy and an Indian.