Some bloke copying Tom Daley also gets medal

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British man Daniel Goodfellow has won an Olympic bronze medal simply because he copied diver and darling of Team GB, Tom Daley.

Goodfellow, who failed to offer any of his own ideas during the entire competition, merely did exactly what he saw Olympian Tom Daley do, to the point of being completely indistinguishable from him.

Sports fan Simon Williams told us, “I think it’s disgusting that this man tried to steal our Tom’s thunder.

“Tom works ever so hard trying to come up with these routines, only for people like this Dan fella to come along and copy every single element of it, right down to the size of the splash he makes.

“It’s disgusting, and I for one can’t believe he’s allowed to get away with it – never mind get on the podium and get the same medal.

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“If he’s so good at diving, why doesn’t he do his own thing instead of copying Tom? He should let Tom get on with being Team GB’s famous diver and stop following him around like his bloody shadow.

“Thankfully the newspapers have focussed on the real star of this Team GB diving success and left this other bloke out of most of the photos.

“Good on them.”