London Olympic legacy a success as Chelmsford man remembers rules to handball

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A man remembered the rules to handball that he’d learnt four years ago, proving once and for all that the London Olympics has left a powerful legacy for the people of Britain.

“Yeah, it was the early hours of Monday morning,” said unemployed bypass protester Simon Williams.

“I was on the sofa in my pants with a massive bag of cheesy wotsits when all of a sudden the Handball came on.

“A first, I was a bit baffled and nearly switched over to Babestation to see if Courtney was on.

“But then I remembered the words of Lord Sebastian Coe about ‘inspiring a generation,’ so I thought back to four years ago, and the London Olympics, and I remembered it; just like that.”

“I can’t believe people think the Olympic legacy has failed.”

It is understood that Mr Williams watched the Handball for nearly five minutes before switching over to Babestation because Courtney was indeed on.

The last few days have seen numerous examples of the rich legacy of the London Olympics

A Bridlington woman remembered where Micronesia was, and a man in Swaffham could name nearly five different flags during the opening ceremony.

Government sources claim that in honour of the London Olympics, ministers are considering only selling off school playing fields at the rate of one a week, instead of the current two.