MPs set for £10 million bonus as Frack for Cash site discovered under Houses of Parliament

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A surprise discovery of a fracking site under the Houses of Parliament means that MP’s are due a £10 million windfall under the new Frack for Cash government backed scheme.

Fracking exploration company, FrakU, commented on the discovery telling reporters, “Our frackometer shows a small site of relevance that will produce a negligible amount of natural gas.

“But it’s definitely there, and all the MP’s are really enthusiastic about moving forward with this project.”

Reporters went on to ask windfall-ready Energy and Climate Minister Amber Rudd if all other alternative energy options had been investigated before MP’s award themselves all this money.

She told them, “We have totally explored every possible angle in order to avoid having to frack under Westminster – but, there are no other energy options.

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“If only we had access to a huge body of water that moved regularly with the tides, and from which we could harness a bit of green energy,” she added, as she stood outside the Houses of Parliament with her back to the River Thames.

“So, we will just have to plow on and take this cash settlement, begrudgingly.”

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