Ed Balls tweets word ‘Merengue’

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Former politician Ed Balls has tweeted the word Merengue after being confirmed as the first contestant in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The man who wanted to be Chancellor claimed that five years shouting abuse at George Osborne is the perfect preparation for trying to impress Len Goodman.

Balls told reporters, “If anyone is used to having someone sat opposite shouting numbers at them, it’s me.”


Reporters asked Balls why he tweeted the word Merengue, in an apparent attempt to search for it.

Balls explained, “I find that the best way to find out about things is on the Twitter, doing the Twitters.

“Then the twitterers twit me the things I twitted.

“Yes, it was deliberate.”

News of Balls appearance on Strictly has failed to excite the viewing public.

Voter Simon Williams told us,”I used to think there was nothing in the world Ed Balls could possibly be worse at, than being Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“I suspect I’m about to be proven wrong.”